Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What is there to do during Winter

The World of Norfolk really is an all year holiday destination, however here are some suggestions for those cooler days during Winter, there is always something to do!  Check out the yummy food on offer and have a lazy lunch... discover the museums and learn about the island's 4 settlements, spoil yourself with a beauty treatment... such as a massage or hot rocks treatment, or treat yourself to a haircut or manicure, check out the shopping centre for luxury imported items or locally made arts and crafts, see a movie, take a brisk bushwalk, the choice is endless!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Want to know about Norfolk Island?

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what is in season this month?

Banana Pilhi
Lots of Plun (bananas)

new potatoes, sweet tattie( kumera), lots of salad greens, tomatoes, capsicum, asian greens, avocadoes, citrus and lots more.

When the seas are calm it is a great time to head out and catch our local fish (Trumpeter)

Tahitian fish, a local delicacy
Come over, our local chefs are cooking up a feast this month, especially for Bounty day on Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When is a good time to travel to the World of Norfolk

A commom question is 'what is a good time to travel to our island' Norfolk is sub tropical (not tropical) like other South Pacific islands and generally this means we do not get extreme changes in our climate. e.g on Tuesday for the first day of Winter it was a magic day, sunny and 21o, this temp generally won't drop too much this season, however cooler at night so pack a jumper! Our best Summer's reach about 27o, so no real extreme weather changes; during Summer its still very pleasant to take a bushwalk or enjoy a round of golf.  If you are planning a holiday, and need to know more about our weather, or anything else, just ask a local!